Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy | Boca Raton, FL

Cigarettes are designed to get us hooked and help get others on board; of course, quitting is going to be difficult! It’s not about beating yourself up over failed attempts, it’s about finding a solution that works for you. Hypnotherapy may be the solution you have yet to find to overcome nicotine addiction.

The relationship between you and your smoking habit is entirely personal. Hypnotherapy for this purpose is effective when both you and your hypnotherapist meet halfway. It is important to understand what anyone who seeks to kick their habit needs to bring to the table. It begins with acknowledging what you’re seeking help for, and the truth about your relationship with it. You should also know that our habits are controlled by our subconscious mind, and that is where change needs to happen; hypnosis is a way to do that. Finally, it’s going to be the interaction of your conscious and unconscious mind that will result in your ability to stop smoking, feel less stressed, and experience little to no withdrawal symptoms.

Dr. Eimer has been working with cigarette-dependent patients for years and has developed a means of helping you to kick your habit in one visit. He feels the following are essential to the process and are what anyone who really wants to quit smoking needs.

  • A compelling, emotionally valid reason to stop smoking 
  • Understanding the harmful effects of cigarettes on your health
  • Recognizing the consequences of continuing the habit
  • Appreciating the benefits of becoming a non-smoker
  • Preparedness for stress and withdrawal management

Kicking your smoking habit is possible, you may just be attempting methods that don’t suit your needs or address underlying causes. The best results come from having a powerful individualized live session, however, Dr. Eimer authored the Best Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Program available for purchase here

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