Course Reviews

“Dear Bruce

I found your Hypnotherapy for Pain Management course interesting and helpful to my practice. And on a personal note the trance work that you did in class on me has helped me with my phobia of escalators. With my husband’s help, I have been able to get on down escalators where I would not even entertain the idea before. It also helped me see my mother in a different light.

Thank you! Susan L. , RN, Psychotherapist, Ontario, Canada”

“This two-day intensive course covered the entire gamut of hypnosis for pain control in a thorough and clear manner. We each received, before the course,  a 263 -page learning manual- which served as a basis for the course and will serve as a reference in the future.  Clear and useful induction scripts were included. As a person with no experience at all in the area of pain control, it provided for me a solid foundation for advanced study.