Pain Relief

Simple Steps to Get Pain Relief

Living with chronic pain that won’t go away is a heavy burden. This burden of pain makes life more stressful than it already is. Our Taming Pain Program is a drug-free approach designed to ease this burden by providing you with the tools to find the pain relief you have been yearning for.

No one can ever know your pain as well as you know it.  Therefore, the keys to healing your chronic pain problem lie within you. The challenge is finding these keys. Therefore, when everything that can be done and should be done has been done medically, you must search for pain relief within yourself. That’s where our Taming Chronic Pain program comes in. Our program can help you find the answers within yourself so that you can get lasting pain relief.

Taming Chronic Pain is based on simple common-sense principles.  These principles are grounded in the science of psychology, the practice of mindfulness meditation, the art of hypnosis, our years of experience treating patients with chronic pain, and our own experiences of living with chronic pain.

So, what does it mean to tame your pain?  It means to establish ties and to stop fighting your pain. The fact is that you are tied to your pain and to your body whether you like it or not. Your pain is in your body. You live in your body with your pain. But you make sense of your experience in the world with your brain. So, the strain of the pain in your body is felt mainly in your brain where pain signals and sensations are interpreted. Because of this mind-body connection, your persistent pain is physical, mental and emotional. Taming Chronic Pain addresses all three factors.

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