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Struggling With Your Weight? Hypnosis Can Help | Delray Beach, FL

Many Americans struggle with their weight; this is not a new concept, but it is a modern issue. If you have sought the assistance of weight loss programs, juice cleanses, or diet pills, and nothing has worked, it may be time to consider hypnotherapy. I am a licensed psychologist and professional hypnotherapist serving individuals struggling with their weight loss journey for over thirty years. My Weight Reduction Hypnosis Program based on scientific principles has helped countless individuals meet their weight loss goals.

The benefits of achieving your optimal weight are many, and any practitioner will tell you that healthy weight loss is your gain in wellness. Numerous patients have told me how their health has improved as they made dietary changes to achieve their weight loss goal. As an individual with type 2 diabetes, I have first-hand experience with how effective hypnotherapy can be. It’s hard to say ‘no’ to our favorite foods, but the repercussions of not having our weight under control are worse than our fleeting cravings.

To put it simply, our desire feeds our imagination and vice versa. The imagination is created by the subconscious mind, and your imagination influences how your brain processes the bulk of
the information you receive. Your unconscious mind controls your desires, feeds your imagination, and controls all your habits. And your unconscious mind is literal and concrete. It does not differentiate what you imagine doing, and what you actually do. Therefore, when your unconscious is repeatedly given messages that you crave certain foods, it imagines eating them, and this makes you want them more.

My Weight Reduction Hypnosis Program is designed to make it easy for you to replace your unhealthy food cravings with healthy eating habits. I provide patients with individualized hypnotic suggestions in the particular language their unconscious understands. This means I feed suggestions to your unconscious that feel familiar and are therefore accepted because it feels as if these suggestions were thought by you. In other words, you feel as if these ideas came from you, and therefore you make them your own. These ideas then translate into actionable steps to achieve your goals, easily and naturally.

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