Couples Counseling Through Hypnotherapy | Delray Beach, FL

I take a solution-focused strategic approach to couples counseling. This means that my approach begins by understanding each individual’s dedication to the relationship itself, their willingness
to improve it, and where the partners differ in that equation. I also attempt to understand how each individual defines their own loyalty to the partnership, in order to get a well-rounded understanding of what’s really going on for them.

When a couple seeks my guidance, it’s usually because they are at odds with how they view or attend to the notion of loyalty. Unfortunately, if the individuals involved are at odds about their
commitment to repairing the relationship, couples counseling is unlikely to be effective. If however, each partner is committed to repairing their commitment to one another, the work can begin.

To provide couples with the help they seek, we begin by recalling the positive memories they hold of one another, and the relationship as a whole. Through hypnosis, we relax their defenses, which is important because upon entering couples therapy, defenses run high. The aim in this process is to make relationship repair an enjoyable experience, even though the process requires real work. In essence, I facilitate a safe place wherein the couple can re-bond. This is
accomplished by providing each partner with the opportunity to safely release their immediate frustrations and to create new positive memories together.

Hypnotherapy can provide couples the moment of pause they need to remember what brought them together, so they can rekindle their relationship.

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