Understanding Panic Disorder and How Hypnotherapy Can Help | Boca Raton, FL

Panic, at its most basic level, is a reaction to stimuli that set off an alarm in the subconscious. Historically, it may have kept hunters and gatherers alive, but today someone can become panicked about any number of things that are not a threat to survival; the modern world is stimulating! Many people experience at least one panic attack in their lifetimes. Having a panic attack differs from having a panic disorder in that in the latter, panic attacks are triggered multiple times unpredictably. 

Panic disorder is the persistent experience of living in fear of another attack. While breathing will help the person experiencing a panic attack, it does little to help someone cope with, and move beyond, their panic disorder.

Hypnotherapy reduces the likelihood that someone may experience a panic attack by uncovering the subconscious reasons why it’s happening in the first place. When we work together, we will begin to unravel your unique behavioral patterns and responses that are triggered under stress. From there, we will work to replace those with an appropriate response. This allows you to gain control of your subconscious, making stressors less overwhelming over time as you practice my methods in daily life.

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