Truly Quit Smoking: The Power of Hypnotherapy | Boca Raton, FL

You may have heard of someone developing an oral fixation; examples include chewing on a blade of grass or smoking a cigarette. When a person is addicted to nicotine, they develop a genuine physical and mental dependence on it. Distancing oneself from activities like vaping and smoking becomes more difficult over time as a result.

Nicotine patches, going cold turkey, slowly reducing your daily cigarette count- these are all perfectly normal avenues to consider and test along your journey. Hypnotherapy can also be a powerful tool to help someone overcome their nicotine addiction and/or oral fixation.

When your conscious and unconscious mind begins to interact through hypnotherapy, that is when you will stop smoking, feel less stressed, and experience little to no withdrawal symptoms. Our habits are controlled by the subconscious mind, and hypnotherapy taps into your subconscious to unlock lasting change.

Dr. Eimer feels the following are essential to the process, and are what anyone who really wants to quit smoking needs:

  • A compelling, emotionally valid reason
  • Understanding the effects of cigarettes on your health
  • Comprehending the consequences of continuing the habit
  • Recognizing the benefits of being a non-smoker
  • Skills for managing the stress of quitting and managing any symptoms of withdrawal

The best results come from having a powerful individualized live session, however, Dr. Eimer authored the Best Stop Smoking With Hypnosis Program available for purchase here

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