Pain Relief

Understanding Pain and Hypnosis | Boca Raton

To understand if hypnosis for pain is right for you, it’s important to first dissect the type of pain you feel, and if there are any other underlying feelings affecting your ability to cope. First and foremost, all pain is real and valid. The difference lies in whether what you are experiencing is acute or chronic pain.

Acute pain can be caused by injury, surgery, illness, trauma, or painful medical procedures or serve as a warning of disease or a threat to the body. It generally lasts for a short period of time and is typically alleviated when the underlying cause has been treated or has healed. Chronic pain on the other hand may be caused by a variety of factors but is characterized by persistent pain that lasts weeks to years. Depending on what is causing the pain, there are a variety of methods that can be explored to alleviate it.

Hypnosis for acute pain comes into play when there is no identifiable or treatable cause. In this case, we must address the patient’s anxiety. It has been said that the fear of pain is often worse than the pain, and in turn, fear can make the pain worse. For chronic pain, there is almost always old emotional baggage that needs to be released. Living with unrelenting chronic pain makes most people experience some level of depression, making the pain worse. Successful employment of hypnotic techniques involves altering pain sensations and distracting the client from their preoccupations with the pain.

If you are a health professional or hypnotherapist interested in learning more about the use of hypnotherapy for pain, I offer intensive one-day, two-day, and three-day fundamental and advanced Pain Control Hypnosis Practitioner courses. These courses are designed for professional practitioners who see patients with severe acute and chronic pain in their respective fields and are in a position to offer precise hypnotic pain relief. These courses will provide a fundamental understanding of the intersection of hypnosis and pain, as well as the skills necessary to implement this technique in your practice.

In short, a Pain Control Hypnosis Practitioner’s job is to help patients with pain build ego strength, self-confidence, and self-love, find faith, develop curiosity, and mobilize courage in order to be able to learn new pain coping skills.

For 30 years, I have helped thousands of patients who suffered from persistent pain get relief and lead more fulfilling lives. If you would like to learn more about this practice or would like to schedule a free consultation appointment, visit us online or call our office today at (561) 377-1039.

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