SHORT COURSE 2 – Hypnosis for Surgery Preparation – Training Video


This 45-minute course is an introduction to the use of hypnosis to help a patient prepare psychologically for surgery. It is a 45-minute course Dr. Eimer delivered in May 2023 at the annual meeting of the International Medical and Dental Association in Orlando. Dr. Eimer covers the common fears that pre-surgical patients have and how to address them. He explains his step-by-step protocol which includes preparing the patient’s conscious and unconscious mind to expect positive outcomes and a successful recovery, the teaching of self-hypnosis, and instructing patients how to speak with their surgeons.

This video includes the course presentation slides.

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Hypnosis for Surgery Preparation Participants’ Comments
• “So much info delivered in such a short period of time”
• “Loved the experience with the topic relating to audience”
• “Extremely well presented; complex info. Thank you”
• “Very interesting”
• “Well-prepared and conversational”