SHORT COURSE 1 – A Therapist Guide to Evaluating Suicide Risk – Training Video


This 90-minute lecture is a primer for therapists, hypnotherapists, and other health professionals on evaluating clinical indicators of a client’s or patient’s current level of suicide risk. Dr. Eimer provided this course in May 2023 at the annual meeting of the International Medical and Dental Association in Orlando. You will learn what to watch and listen for so you do not miss critical indicators, and you will learn how to proceed when these are positive Dr. Bruce Eimer is a board-certified licensed psychologist and hypnotherapist with over 37 years of experience in clinical practice. He outlines an evidence based framework for assessing levels of suicide risk and discusses relevant interview tools. He also presents several illustrative clinical cases.

This video includes the course presentation slides.

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“I recently had the privilege of attending a lecture presented by Bruce Eimer, Ph.D., on the incredibly important topic of suicidal ideation. I feel compelled to express my deepest appreciation and admiration for the invaluable insights he shared.

Dr. Eimer’s approach to the topic was at once powerful, informative, and actionable. His adept command of the subject matter was evident, but what truly resonated with me was his ability to break down the intricacies of such a complex issue, thus making it accessible for all attendees.

The information he imparted was not merely academic, but based on experience with actual cases, making for a powerful lesson. The knowledge we gained could be the difference between life and death for a client on the brink. He provided us with the essential tools to identify, comprehend, and appropriately respond to suicidal ideation.

Dr. Eimer’s commitment to equipping therapists with crucial information shone throughout his presentation. He emphasized the importance of understanding the nuances of suicide risk assessment, and guided us on the best way to deal with the situation.

I left the lecture with a renewed sense of purpose and a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Eimer’s lecture was a sobering reminder of the responsibility that comes with our role as hypnotherapists, and the potential we hold to transform and even save lives.

Dr. Eimer is, without a doubt, an incredible asset to the field of psychology, and his contributions to understanding and managing suicidal ideation are making a profound difference. I wholeheartedly recommend any therapist, or indeed anyone involved in mental health care, to attend his lectures and seminars.

His lecture was, in short, a masterclass on suicidal ideation that all therapists should consider a requirement. I have no doubt that the tools and knowledge shared by Dr. Eimer will empower many professionals to act with greater confidence and effectiveness in the face of such an important and delicate issue.”

Sean Michael Andrews C.H.