Hypnotic Regression Therapy (Course & Video)


Client-Centered Hypnotic Regression Therapy (HRT) is a proven approach for helping clients to discover and release the causes of various emotional, behavioral and psychosomatic problems. Competently facilitated HRT often helps clients overcome common fears and anxieties even when other techniques may have failed to provide lasting results. Some health professionals already employ this profoundly beneficial technique, which has been taught and practiced for decades. This course is a MUST for any health professional who uses hypnosis as a tool for facilitating the change of dysfunctional behavior and who is also justifiably concerned about the risks of false memories. Instruction level: Intermediate and Advanced, with CE credit for psychologists.


This is the online version of the 2-day live workshop we (Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer) co-teach.  This course presents the concept of Client-Centered Hypnotic Regression Therapy (CC-HRT). This form of hypnotherapy is employed to help a client’s subconscious mind discover and release the emotional, experiential and cognitive causes of many emotional, psychosomatic and behavioral disorders. Organizing Hypnotic Regression Therapy or HRT, into five phases helps the student of professional hypnotherapy learn to apply hypnotic regression techniques in an organized and strategic manner. It is also important for the hypnotherapist and facilitator of HRT with a client or patient to thoroughly understand the differences between guiding and leading in order to reduce the risk of creating false memories.