Best Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Program


This downloadable two part mp3 audio program with personal workbook manual in PDF format provides a simple and easy way to change smoking behavior to non-smoking behavior. It is based on Dr. Eimer’s highly successful clinical Stop Smoking In One Visit With Hypnosis approach. This single-session clinical smoking cessation program has approximately a 70 percent success rate in helping individuals stop smoking for a period of one year or more. The percentage of success appears to be even greater with those patients who have started smoking again, but who have not yet resumed smoking the original number of cigarettes they had originally smoked, and who returned for a second visit.


This smoking cessation program has been refined over the years with the addition of new scientific information and extensive feedback from former patients, as well as from clinicians who have learned this approach which is termed Brief Cognitive Hypnosis.


Part One is designed to help you initiate the process of positive behavior change and stop smoking. Dr. Eimer guides you through the steps to becoming a non-smoker. He first orients you to the program and then explains how hypnosis is used in the program. This is followed by a guided self-assessment of your reasons to become a non-smoker. Next, Dr. Eimer conducts extensive waking state reframing about the smoking habit and educates you about the built-in dangers of cigarette smoking, providing essential belief-changing information and exposing myths and false beliefs about the smoking habit.


The clinical hypnosis induction helps you into a comfortable state of relaxation and light trance state in which you are awake and aware of everything that is going on, but subconsciously receptive to the helpful trance state suggestions for positive behavior and belief change provided. Before re-alerting you, powerful post-hypnotic suggestions are provided for making the suggested positive behavior changes really stick and remain stable and viable.


Part Two contains a brief induction designed to help in the event that you experience a temporary lapse and make the mistake of starting to smoke again. It provides clear instructions and suggestions for correcting the mistake and returning to the desired positive behavior of not smoking. It outlines common mistakes that former smokers make in various trigger situations and how to correct them and cope adaptively.