Pain Control Hypnosis Practitioner Training Testimonials

“This two-day intensive course covered the entire gamut of hypnosis for pain control in a thorough and clear manner. We each received, before the course,  a 263 -page learning manual- which served as a basis for the course and will serve as a reference in the future.  Clear and useful induction scripts were included. As a person with no experience at all in the area of pain control, it provided for me a solid foundation for advanced study.

The atmosphere of the course experience was extremely conducive to learning.  The group size was perfect for dialogue. The instructor and co-host are immensely knowledgeable,  and they were very open to answering any and all questions.

Most importantly, Dr. Eimer is a very engaging person,  and he absolutely gave 150 % of himself to meeting everyone’s needs, including in the additional areas of the provision of references, and extra reading materials,  and a willingness to be available for questions in the future, after the course has ended.

In addition to being an excellent learning experience, it was also relaxed and enjoyable.  A nice rapport was developed amongst members of the group!

My favorite part of the course was experiential. We were able to experience 5 group inductions for pain control, and additionally, we had two –one-hour practice sessions with our colleagues.

A live demo and a recorded demo greatly enriched the learning experience.

I highly recommend this course to any hypnotherapists who are, or wish to be, working with pain patients.”

Carol A. Paras, M.D.
Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist
Boca Raton, Florida

“This course presents a very innovative and interesting approach to pain management with hypnosis. Dr Eimer brings a lot of materials and resources (pdf, exercises, videos). We learned and practiced a lot to be prepared to apply these techniques in our daily clinical practices. The training is very interactive. Dr. Eimer is very responsive to questions. He shows by explanations and demonstrations his expertise and experience in this specific application of hypnosis. I would recommend this course to physicians and dentists who want to learn how to use the hypnosis tool to help their patients relieve their pain. Now I am just waiting for the Level 2 course!”

Brice Lemaire, DMD
Nice, France

“I found the course this weekend exhilarating, informative and enormously beneficial.

I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in helping people to tame their pain through hypnosis, albeit chronic, acute or pre surgery. I have treated pain using my training previously, however, the training that Bruce Eimer offers takes your knowledge to the next level. I look forward to specializing in pain control and taking Bruce’s next level of training.

Cheers and good night from down under.”
Christine Di Bella
All Essentials Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy
Picton, NSW 2571, Australia

“The course was very interesting and very professional. It covered all aspects of treating pain using hypnosis. It confirms some work and experience I did before. I will be able to put the knowledge I acquired to use in my clinical practice. Dr. Eimer is a true expert and was very engaging and responsive to questions. He is full of passion and energy. He demonstrated a commitment to helping us learn the material. He was humble and encouraged student interaction, questions, and feedback. We saw demonstrations of the skills taught and had the opportunity to practice the skills. I fully recommend this course if you want more knowledge about pain. The course was a good investment.”

Christophe Pank, CHt
Paris, France

“Dr. Eimer brings a wealth of experience to teaching other therapists how to evaluate, interact, strategize, and manage therapy for individuals who are facing surgery of all types. The course syllabus makes available a collection of approaches in each of these categories and therefore, is an excellent resource for coming to the aid of those in our community who are in serious pain. The group setting was extremely helpful in the discussions. Through these and other extra study materials e.g., videos, books, handouts etc. the results of the course were extended way beyond the 2-days. Dr. Eimer’s Pain Management course is highly recommended to anyone treating or managing patients in serious pain. I absolutely recommend this course to all clinicians and other healthcare professionals who are interested in helping their patients that are dealing with pain.”

Dr. Jean Eljay, PhD, MS, CMT, AdvHC, CHt, C_NLP

“This course was very enjoyable. I have gained a better understanding into conducting a proper pain assessment before embarking to intervention. Before the training-2/10. After training 8/10. I have a better understanding of how to structure pain treatment with hypnosis and how to use my knowledge in a systematic yet flexible manner. Bruce is very knowledgeable, engaging, and responsive to questions. He is also very generous with his resources. I recommend this course 100%. Bruce opened my eyes into the world of pain management and the good hypnosis can contribute. Despite the 12-hour time difference, this course was very much worth my time. Dr Bruce Eimer has a gift of making the complex simple and a special ability to distill the essence of what is needed to be a competent and skilled Pain Hypnotherapist. Dr Eimer is truly a ‘Giant’ in the field of Pain Management and I am honored to be trained by him. I highly recommend Dr Eimer’s training to anyone without any reservations.”

Joachim Lee, PBM
Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotist

“Thank you so much for an excellent 2 days, learning about hypnosis and pain. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you delivered the course but especially realizing that someone else shared my passion for working with people with pain! I also found the discussion around preparing patients for surgery particularly helpful and interesting as I have recently started doing this and would like to work further in the area.

I thoroughly enjoyed this 2-day course and would 100% recommend it. The style was engaging, supportive and encouraging, which helped you feel confident that you could start to apply these techniques back in clinic straightaway. Dr Bruce was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic in his teaching. There was a good balance between theory and practice. Dr Bruce discussed the theory, demonstrated and then we practiced and discussed how we found the techniques, with Dr Bruce and everyone contributing. As the course was Zoom based online, it was great to connect with like-minded people across the globe. Already looking forward to his future courses.”

Dr Sue Peacock CPsychol, AFBPsS, Consultant Health Psychologist, Registered /Practitioner Health Psychologist (HCPC), Chartered with The British Psychological Society

“This enjoyable course gave me multiple practice sessions and practical knowledge to share with my hypnotherapy clients experiencing pain. Dr Bruce has organized his expertise into meaningful steps and acronyms which allow us bite size understandings. Dr Bruce incorporated contributions from our many skilled participants, which made for a lively engaging online course. Skillfully keeping the ball rolling forward through a myriad of techniques to reduce pain, Dr Bruce is a master at guiding us through the landscape of pain treatments.

Carrying heavy stuff up a hill into the forest my shoulder gave not a whisper of complaint (as it often has) and furthermore I feel moved to often gently keep it working in new ways bringing it out of apathy atrophy or whatever. By the time I get to the referral doctor I may not need it.

Good to have 1st hand experience of these techniques working. So inspiring!”

Maribel Reed, CHT-CMS

“I really enjoyed the course and did learn a great deal.  Dr. Bruce Eimer is a pioneer in this industry. He has a vast amount of education, degrees, and experience. I have the utmost respect for him and am proud to have been able to learn from him.  He is a master in his craft! 

Keep on teaching as I know you are helping and serving mankind!  Thank you for all you do!”

Leslie Martin, CHt
Music City Healing

“I enjoyed this course very much, such good interaction between Bruce and all the attendees. This training extended my existing knowledge and gave me more confidence in using it with my clients. Dr. Bruce is an expert in this field. He was engaging, responsive to questions and encouraged student interaction. I would recommend this course to other clinicians because it would be a very useful tool in most clinicians repertoire. I’m looking forward to the Level 2 course. Please keep me updated!”

Fiona Peach, CHt
United Kingdom

“I found the Level 1 Pain Control Hypnosis Practitioner Course immensely enjoyable and full of new material guaranteed to improve my ability to help clients with pain control. This course renewed my ambition and confidence to make client pain control my primary focus of expertise. Bruce Eimer was an exemplary instructor who encouraged us to ask questions, demonstrated skills taught, and gave us opportunities to practice some of the newly taught skills. I consider Bruce Eimer an expert in this area and recommend this course to everyone working with patients/clients on pain control. Very much looking forward to the Level II course as soon as it becomes available.”

Diane Petsch, student working on certification in hypnotherapy

The 2-day Level 1 Pain Control Practitioner Training taught by Dr Eimer was inspiring and engaging despite the 12 hours difference in time zones as I am in Hong Kong. I joined this course because I wanted to explore more therapeutic modalities in chronic pain management and this course surely helped me in expanding my knowledge and clinical skills. I found this course to be a great source of evidence-based research information. After taking this course, I have learned so much and am even more excited to see my next clients with chronic pain. It was also rewarding to learn from breakout sessions with other fellow clinicians. I strongly recommend this programme to other mental health professionals who are committed to ease the pain of their clients.

Gilbert Wong 
Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist 

I intended to take this course as a review of the same last August. The course seemed light years ahead of the one just a few months ago. Everything made sense. Acronyms and clearly laid out steps allowing for skill to build on skill. Multiple practice sessions were rich and meaningful. I came away with skills that surpassed my expectations, ready to apply to my hypnotherapy clients. Bruce is a total expert on pain control hypnosis and naturally conveys his experience in useful and meaningful ways.

Maribel T. Reed, Certified Clinical Medical Support Hypnotherapist

Pain Control Hypnosis Level 1 with Dr. Bruce Eimer is well worth the investment of time, energy and resources. Loved what I learned and loved meeting the other participants. It was very enjoyable! Lots of comraderie, sharing and yes, laughter. Tremendous amount learned! I have worked directly with pain management doctors and this was exceptional information and learning. I will absolutely be able to put the knowledge I acquired to use in my clinical practice. Bruce is very engaging and responsive to all questions, including the difficult ones about cancer. He allowed us to absorb material, ask questions and he reinforced what we absolutely needed to know. He encouraged feedback and we had wonderful session breakouts where we could be the therapist and also the client/patient. Practicing the material brought it home. Dr. Bruce Eimer is an expert in pain and hypnotherapy. He is on par with an PM&R and also Pain “Management” doctors. He provided excellent demonstrations by working with one of us from class AND also showing videos with real patients. When I can recommend this course I will! For example, I will tell the RTT / Marisa Peer Facebook group all about it and how to get a hold of Dr. Bruce. I will recommend to doctors and nurses and anybody appropriate because of the evidence-based research and knowledge and Dr. Bruce’s wealth of experience.  AND because Dr. Bruce teaches in a way that anybody can jump in and learn. I am looking forward to Pain Control Hypnosis Level 2!

Patricia Varga, Corporate Publishing; founder of Create to Heal program; Hypnotherapist with 13 years of clinical work, cancer and chronic pain patients

I recently completed Dr. Bruce Eimer’s Level 1 Pain Control Hypnosis course and wanted to share a few thoughts on this excellent course.  The training course was both an enjoyable and instructive experience.  Dr. Eimer’s extensive knowledge of both pain control and hypnosis was evident throughout the training and his ability to communicate the medical information in an easy to understand manner very helpful.  Dr. Eimer has a relaxed and open communication style that encouraged the participants to share their experiences and questions throughout the course.   Dr. Eimer made certain that there was ample opportunity to practice the hypnosis skills being taught in the class and also had two other experts available to coach so that everyone in the class could receive valuable feedback.  We were taught many new inductions that are very helpful for assisting pain clients and provided an abundance of information on working with a variety of medical problems.  I have taken many courses on hypnosis where you gain useful information but not necessarily anything that can be used the very next day with my clients.  This course provided the information and skills that are directly actionable and I have already used them with clients.  If your practice has pain clients or you are thinking of working with pain clients, then I would suggest that this course is the next best step for you to take.  Your confidence and skill level will be immediately improved by Dr. Eimer’s course.

Richard White, LCSW

The Level 1 Pain Control Hypnosis Course was enjoyable due to its well-thought out and delivered content and the multiple experiential interactions with outstanding colleagues around the world. A solid foundation of knowledge was provided by Dr. Bruce Eimer, who is a world-renowned pain management professional. Dr. Eimer defined, outlined and clarified the utilization of hypnosis as a valuable tool to address and manage pain. One-on-one demonstrations, group sessions, and videos of actual patient sessions were beneficial in actively showcasing various methods and their effectiveness.  Attendees were fully supported by Dr. Eimer and his two colleagues who also provided additional expert oversight during our break-out groups, and there was ample opportunity for questions as well as providing feedback. This course was so engaging and interactive that the time flew by. I’m already using this education to help patients and appreciate having access to the accompanying comprehensive course manual. I plan to attend the Level 2 Pain Control Hypnosis Course when it’s available.

Thanks, Bruce! I am so glad that I signed up for your course! I’ll look forward to hearing about Level 2!

Susan D. Kopynec, MPAS, PA-C Emeritus

I both enjoyed and learned a great deal in Dr. Bruce Eimer’s Level 1 Pain Control Hypnosis Course.  His various protocols for alleviating or reframing pain for clients are duplicatable and I look forward to using them working with clients.  Bruce was engaging in presenting and was open to questions and discussions.  The breakout rooms gave us time to practice and employ the techniques and Bruce was committed to rotating and visiting all the participants and gave feedback to all when returning from the breakouts.  His personal and professional background in the area of working with pain was evidenced throughout the course.  I recommend this course to all clinicians whether you specifically work with “pain” clients or not.  Many of the techniques are translatable to other areas, you could use the techniques for yourself or family members when the occasion arises, and if you do have someone walk into your office with Pain related issues, you are ready.  So, fill your toolbox with this expansive detailed manual and experiential practice.  This course was worth my time, and I would have invested another day for even more detail and practice.  I am looking forward to Bruce’s Level 2 course when it is available.

Cheryl J. Elman, C.I., C.H., C.M.T, BS Ed, Co-director of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute

I highly recommend this course to any practitioner interested in learning to use hypnosis to control pain. Dr. Eimer has decades of experience to draw upon and has put together a Level 1 Pain Control Course that both informs and empowers.

It was evident that Bruce is very passionate about teaching and wanted to give his well attended class ample time for questions and practice experiences. There are take aways for hypnotherapists of every level and a video was made so attendees would have a window of opportunity for review.

As a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist I understand the value of offering effective options to opioids, alcohol, and self medicating to control pain.  It is my hope that hypnosis will become more widely accepted by the public and utilized by the medical community at large.

It was time well spent! Already looking forward to Level 2!!

Terry Bussard, CRNA, CHt, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, New Jersey

Thanks for an awesome seminar Bruce. I enjoyed your open, inviting, non-judgmental style of teaching combined with your extensive knowledge base and stellar clinical skills. Look forward to a future training session with you as well Bruce.

Robert F. Calhoun, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist, Boise, Idaho

Although I have attended other online seminars on pain management, I found this to be the best one so far. It was like a 10-person active small-group seminar! Many of the members were well experienced in pain management hypnotherapy and they able to add their personal clinical experiences which broadened the information considerably. Bruce Heimer’s 35 plus years of experience with pain management folded together into his manual was extremely helpful, from his outlining of the sensory neurophysiology involved in pain reception and then its perception, to the many ways hypnotherapeutic methods can modify the negative aspects of its interpretation. There were many discussions for practical applications of the techniques, and the breakout dyads with post-discussions on inductions for pain reduction were great. Although the two-day sequential process was a grind, the amount of information obtained was well worth it. I would highly recommend it for the amount of information a practitioner can gain.    

Frederick M. Brown, PhD, Emeritus Associate Professor of Psychology
The Pennsylvania State University

I can honestly say that your Level 1 Pain Control Hypnosis Practitioner course is an excellent program for anyone interested in beginning a hypnosis pain practice. Dr. Eimer is certainly an Expert in the field and is present and engaged 100% of the time with his students. Bruce’s program was very well laid out and extremely engaging! Thank you Bruce for a wonderful experience! Looking forward to Level 2!

Leonard A. Cardinale, Ph.D., Licensed Radiation Technician

Thank you for an amazing course, I thoroughly enjoyed my time even if it was a 1am start for me. It actually worked well, that way I can still have my weekend hahaha. Albeit tired. You have my full permission to use the comments below to create a testimonial on your website. If there is anything else you need please send the questions and I would be happy to respond.

I attended Bruce Eimer’s Level 1 Pain Control course and I can say it was an amazing 2 days, I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in treating pain. I thoroughly enjoyed my time even if it was a 1am start for me. It actually worked well, that way I can still have my weekend hahaha. Albeit tired.

Dr Eimer is an amazing trainer, his knowledge and experience made attending the course a worthwhile investment of my time and energy and money. The course was easy to follow, and the practical sessions were very helpful to ensure a good understanding of how to apply the tools and skills learnt. I have two clients that I am treating at the moment that will greatly benefit from the skills I have learnt over the weekend. Bruce took the time to ensure that everyone felt comfortable, and valued, he was diligent to all the participants needs and questions. Bruce took the time to ensure we all understood what he was teaching and what he wanted us to do when we went into the breakout rooms. He sought feedback from every participant and created a safe place to ask questions and individuals felt comfortable to provide their experience and views.

Christine Di Bella, Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy
Dip. Neurolinguistic Programing, BSc. Post. Grad. Dip. Sci. WHS
Picton, Australia

Dr. Bruce Eimer is an approachable expert whose depth and breadth of knowledge about hypnosis for pain control is exceptional. This course has prepared me to provide competent and responsive services to my therapy client. Bruce shows deep respect for his clients and the same respect, care, and dedication to his students. I look forward to attending his other trainings in the future.

Lori L. Cangilla, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Pittsburgh, PA

I found Dr. Eimer’s course extremely helpful, clear, and thorough.  Dr. Eimer’s course is a standout with the amount of information he covered as well as providing responsive feedback to the group members.  I have integrated hypnotherapy into my sex therapy and trauma practice for many years.  I have also participated in many hypnotherapy training programs including courses for pain management.  Dr. Eimer’s course was more comprehensive than others I trained in. Additionally, he was very knowledgeable about the course material and provided ample demonstrations and opportunities to practice the skills taught.  Dr. Eimer was engaging and demonstrated a commitment to helping the participants learn the material.   In closing, I would highly recommend this course to other clinicians in all disciplines.

Dr. Carole M. Pasahow, DSW, LCSW
Clinical Director, The Accredited Center for Psychological Counseling, NJ
AASECT Certified Supervisor and Diplomate in Sex Therapy  
Certified Psychoanalyst   
EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist and Consultant
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)
ASCH Approved Certification in Clinical Hypnosis